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Robust Fast Charging Cable Cord with Lightning, Type C, & Micro USB
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A powerful 8 locker with secure pin lock or Clean codeless and keyless access using a programmed RFID smart access card

Mobile Phone Charging Locker with LCD Screen

A powerful 12 locker with secure pin lock or Clean codeless and keyless access using a programmed RFID smart access card

Mobile Phone Charging Locker

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  • Visual

    We visualise project information in different layouts and designs for you to review and approve for the mobile phone charging station.

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    We professionally apply the design, logo, and branding of the mobile phone charging station

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    We are very flexible with delivery and set up to meet your projects requirment

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The Premium mobile charging station is very easy to use or understand and comes with instructions
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consistently good in quality and performance so you are able to trust our mobile phone charging station
Energy Efficent
The mobile phone charging station uses less energy to perform the same task soeducing greenhouse gas emissions and lowering our costs
Excellent Quality
Superior mobile phone charging station with high quality, great attention to detail and finish
Customised Branding
The mobile phone charging station could have your corporate identity, logo and marketing concept of the Rebranding Partner
Unique Features
The mobile phone charging station has distinctive feature with easy-to-use computer operating system and motherboard
The most popular fast charging technology and the most sought-after fast charging standard within mobile phone charging station
The strong cables and motherboard are able to withstand wear, pressure, or damage while the secure pin lock option or clean codeless and keyless access using a programmed RFID smart card keeps the lockers very secured
A powerful 12 phone charger with either Floor standing, Table top or wall mounted option

Standard Mobile Phone Charging Station

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Powerful Table Phone Charging Station
12 Cable and Wireless Charging Table (Round & Square options)


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    Phone Charging Lockers With Personalised Branding

    The phone charging lockers have emerged as a convenient solution, providing a secure and accessible charging point for users in various public spaces and event venues. Whether you’re a venue owner, event organizer, promoting a product, or an individual seeking a reliable charging solution, exploring the options of renting, hiring, or purchasing a phone charging locker can offer tailored solutions to meet your needs.

    Renting Phone Charging Lockers: A Flexible Solution

    For short-term events or one-time occasions, renting phone charging lockers can be a flexible and cost-effective choice. Event organizers can ensure that attendees stay connected without worrying about battery life, creating a positive experience for participants. Renting provides the advantage of minimal upfront costs and eliminates the need for long-term commitments, making it an ideal solution for temporary or seasonal needs.

    Hiring Phone Charging Lockers: On-Demand Charging Services

    Hiring phone charging lockers offers a more dynamic and on-demand approach. This option is suitable for venues that experience varying levels of foot traffic or for businesses looking to test the waters before committing to a long-term investment. Hiring phone charging lockers provides the benefit of scalability, allowing you to adjust the number of lockers based on demand. It’s a practical solution for those seeking the convenience of charging services without the commitment of a full purchase.

    Purchasing Phone Charging Lockers: Invest in Long-Term Convenience

    For businesses and venues with a consistent need for charging solutions, purchasing phone charging lockers is a wise investment. This option ensures a dedicated and permanent charging infrastructure, providing a reliable service to patrons, customers, or employees. Purchased lockers can be customized to suit specific branding requirements, creating a cohesive and professional look. Over time, the initial investment in purchasing lockers can prove cost-effective compared to continuous rental or hiring expenses.

    Key Features to Consider for phone charging station rental:

    • Security: Look for lockers equipped with secure charging cables and options for personal code or card access.
    • Compatibility: Ensure the lockers support a variety of devices, catering to the diverse charging needs of users.
    • Customization: Opt for lockers that can be branded or customized to align with your business or event aesthetics.
    • Monitoring and Management: Consider lockers with remote monitoring capabilities, allowing you to track usage and manage locker availability efficiently.