Customised Project


We offer purchasing and rental options for 4 locker phone charging stations with secure pin lock or the options with clean codeless and keyless access using a programmed RFID smart access card. Also,we offer standar key locks.

We also have floor-standing, tabletop, and wall-mounted phone charging stations with 12 cable options.

We have power tables with cables and wireless charging options. The table phone charging stations come in standing and sitting options with branding.


Customised Project Description

We offer customised mobile phone charging station to meet the clients requirement. 

We hear to you and meet your specification and desgin.

  • Define Requirement
  • Structure the Requirement
  • Approve Prototype
  • Deliver the customised phone charging station

Client:All small, meduim and large brands

Options: Branding, locker, standard tabletop, wall-mounted, and free floor standing.

Release Date: Avalible to buy today and for rental